On course, of course (actual entry contains no puns, promise)

Always a fan of learning-for-the-hell-of-it and the interesting and wonderful things that can result from doing that, I signed up for a 6 week course in Developing Innovative Ideas for New Companies: The First Step in Entrepreneurship on Coursera. A long time ago, I studied business, psychology and sociology. I have worked in quite a variety of different fields and even ran my own business for a few years (although sadly being a professional photographer was rather too much physical exertion for my body to handle on a daily basis). I’m a business theory geek and my vague plans for the future involve being my own boss again, albeit in a manner more appropriate to my physical requirements.

My choice of course was based on a combination of “ooh, that looks interesting and useful!” and “I can actually do that alongside my job” and I am so impressed with Coursera as a thing. All the courses have slightly different structures, but they’re all reasonably short, self-contained, free and accessible. There are assignments that you can choose to do, or not. Plenty of people do courses just to absorb the material without any ‘homework’. It’s rather awesome if you’re after a bit of mind-expansion without financial layout.

My course doesn’t technically start until 2nd December but the first week’s lectures are up already and I’ve watched them all. I downloaded the accompanying (optional) course material which came to a grand total of $5 (about £3-something?), I’m pretty excited about geeking out and fully plan to at least attempt all the weekly assignments.

My brain is a happy wee thing right now :)

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3 thoughts on “On course, of course (actual entry contains no puns, promise)

  1. i took a coursera class on philosophy and really enjoyed it. i think it’s so great that real (shortened) classes are being offered for free. i’m kind of a nerd and always like learning new things, so it’s great that its a possibility for those who are busy (or too sick) to go to a classroom!

  2. That class sounds really cool (I, unfortunately, and not a business-brain and can only smile politely when the subject comes up), and is a really good option for outside-the-classroom learning. Best of luck with the course!

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